10 Best Thrift Stores In Houston: Top Vintage Shops For Thrifting - The Sustainable Living Guide (2024)

If you liked our list of Dallas secondhand shops, you’ll definitely enjoy our Houston thrift stores list. As you may already know, shopping at a thrift store helps reduce waste.

At the same time, you’ll find some unique hidden treasures at an affordable price. Here are the top thrift shops in Houston, Texas.

10 Best Thrift Stores In Houston: Top Vintage Shops For Thrifting - The Sustainable Living Guide (1)

Best Thrift Stores in Houston

1. Memorial Assistance Ministries Resale Store

Memorial Assistance Ministries Resale Store exists to support the Memorial Assistance Ministries. MAM gives necessities to those in need and also teaches them skills that will help them improve their lives.

They offer both pre-owned and new clothing, home furnishings, electronics, home goods, toys, and books. They accept item donations, monetary donations, and offer a pick-up service for larger items.

Shop their online store, or visit them at 1625 Block Road, Houston, TX 77080. If you are looking for something fancier, they have a boutique in the back of their store too.

2. Team Resale Shop

Team Resale Shop Is a part of the Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries (TEAM). TEAM helps those in need get clothing and food while also helping them cover medical, dental, and vision care expenses.

Team Resale Shop is one way that TEAM gets its funding. Through the used items they sell and the donations they receive, they’re able to further their mission. Donations they accept include gently used clothing, household goods, small appliances, medical equipment, computer equipment, and books. They are located in the metropolitan area of Houston at 300 W Main St, Tomball, TX 77375.

3. Texas Thrift Store

Texas Thrift Store is unique in that they purchase their clothing inventory from nonprofits that have received clothing through donations. They are one of three thrift store chains, the other two are City Thrift and Music City Thrift, all located in the southeastern United States. Texas City Thrift has two locations in Houston, 9750 Fondren Road Houston TX 77096, and 2325 FM 1960 Rd. W. Houston TX 77068

4. AGC Boutique

AGC Boutique is a part of the Amazing Grace Charities (AGC). AGC was started by Maria Cummings when she wanted a more direct donation option. She wanted to make sure donations would reach those who truly needed them.

At the AGC, Boutique shoppers are able to get a personal shopping experience through their image consultations. Their inventory includes men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, collectibles, home decor, and electronics. AGC Boutique is located in the southwestern area of Houston at 5007 Bissonnet St, Bellaire, TX 77401.

5. The Blue Bird Circle

The Blue Bird Circle is a retail store working to help babies born with neurological disorders. At their store, they sell clothing, furniture, jewelry, antiques, home decor, and more.

They accept donations but also offer consignment options for high-end brands. Money generated from sales helps fund Blue Bird Circle’s efforts to help babies with neurological disorders. Shop their store at 615 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77006.

6. The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop is an outreach program started by a women’s group in St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. It started off by supporting the St James house, a retirement home, until it closed. Now they are supporting multiple charities in their community.

Some accepted donation items are clothing, jewelry, home goods/decor, antiques, and collectibles. They also provide a consignment option for more expensive items.

If sellers want to have their profit sent to a charity, The Guild Shop makes sure it gets to the charity and sends the seller a donation receipt. Shop with them at 2009 Dunlavy Street, Houston, Texas 77006.

7. Couture Blowout

Couture Blowout is the place to go when looking for sustainable designer fashion. They follow United Nations Sustainable Development goals. With a major focus on these four goals:

  • Quality Education for the consumers
  • Responsible consumption and production through consignment
  • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure by encouraging clothing recycling
  • Climate action by keeping clothing out of landfills

They have an online store along with their storefront. You can shop from them at 2419 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019.

8. Anew U Ladies Resale

Anew U Ladies Resale sells designer fashion best known for their boho and western chic styles. Check out their online store or shop in-store at 11407 Spring Cypress Rd Ste 280 Tomball, TX 77377.

9. The Little Bird

The Little Bird provides customers with an opportunity to buy or sell premier brand names. They accept consignment items after checking they are in good condition and authentic.

They give consignors a 90-day contract. The Little Bird has three locations, one of which is in Texas.

They also have an online store and offer free shipping on all orders. Check them out in Houston at 1121 Uptown Park Blvd, Ste 11 Houston, TX 77056

10. More Than You Can Imagine

More Than You Can Imagine offers consignment clothing, accessories, and home decor. With children’s toys and accessories for pets, this shop has something for the whole family.

Consignors sign a 90-day contract and must provide authentication for their items. After the item is sold consignors receive 50% of the sale.

Accepting inventory from consignors all over the world, More Than You Can Imagine has strict fraud rules and will charge consignors a 50$ authentication fee on counterfeit items. They have an online store or shop in-store at 2817 Westheimer Houston, Texas 77098.

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10 Best Thrift Stores In Houston: Top Vintage Shops For Thrifting - The Sustainable Living Guide (2024)
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