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get rid of the special counsel, whose prosecuting him following a day-long hearing today and a lot of questions also tonight will take you inside the shadow campaigns that are influencing donald trump's vice presidential search. >> who has trump's here as the hunt for a running mate intensifies and a judge in new mexico is weighing whether to throw throw out the criminal case involving the actor alec baldwin, will bring you the latest developments on the hearing underway, right now welcome to our viewers. here in the united states and around the world i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room this hour. >> a lot of questions about when and how judge aileen cannon will rule after a day-long hearing on one of them. many attempts by donald trump to delay his trial in the classified documents case in florida. let's go right to see

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an injustice senior justice correspondent ivan perez. he's covering the hearing for us in fort pierce, florida, just north of palm beach oven, you were inside the court today. how to judge cannon handle today's important hearing? >> well, if this was a very unusual hearing in the first place, and judge cannon had some very sharp questions for the government, for the prosecution she questioned the prosecutor's about what specific actions the attorney general, merrick garland oversaw actions that were taken by jack smith special counsel. she wanted to know, for instance, whether the attorney general, specifically and personally approved the indictment. this indictment against donald trump and a couple of other of people who worked for him. here in fort pierce and she also questioned trump's attorneys when trump's attorneys, emil bove beauvais said that he believed that jack smith was essentially a shadow government. the argument that they were making here today,

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wolf, was that jack smith was illegally appointed by the attorney general neural because he came from outside the government. he's not someone who has been approved by the senate. this is a long-shot request, but it is one that the judge for some reason decided needed to be heard, needed to have an entire hearing, and she also allowed outside parties are groups that had nothing to do with this case, to actually spend a couple of hours making arguments before her today. she did not rule from the bench as she tends to not do. but it is clear that she is entertaining pretty much every argument the donald trump and his attorneys have to make. >> when i take it to judge cannon will hold more hearings next week. is that right? oven that's right. >> well, this is the first of three hearings as she is scheduled on monday. we're going to be in court. where the trump attorneys and the special counsel are going to square off over the issue of a gag order.

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now, the special counsel is asking for the court to issue a gag order on the former president because of some of the incendiary remarks he has made accusations. he has made the government says that it's putting fbi agents at risk. this is all over the search of mar-a-lago back in 2022. he is also she's also going to but to have a hearing on tuesday where trump's attorneys are trying to get some of the evidence that was seized in that search at mar-a-lago, have that tossed aside? as part of their efforts, again, to try to delay this case or to try to make sure that it never goes to trial at all, wolf, all of this, of course, these delays that we're getting as a result of the judge entertaining pretty much every one of these is what's eating away at this calendar. it makes it very, very unlikely that we're going to get a trial anytime soon or certainly not before november ivan perez in fort pierce, florida reporting and all of this. thank you very much. are legal and political experts are

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here to break all of this down for us, write down normal let me start with you. but first i want to inform our viewers. you're on the board of a non-profit that actually filed a brief. you didn't sign it or contribute to it. but you know a lot about it. specifically involving trump's defense team arguing that jack smith should no longer b. the special counsel wealth these arguments to knock out special counsel's have been tried in court after court before both democratic appointed judges and republican appointed judges, they have uniformly failed. >> and i think despite judge cannon's skeptical questioning of both sides, what we know from the hearing is there is no legal basis to challenge the appointment of special counsel jack smith here there's no constitutional infirmity know regulatory infirmity. this is an example of judge cannon's

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typical over caution when she confronts these issues, she should not have wasted a de on it or let me get to lisa adams into this conversation. at least your former federal prosecutor, you understand what's going on? lot better than those of us who didn't go to law school do. judge kenneth didn't issue a ruling today? how likely is this challenge to succeed i agree with norm. >> i think it's highly unlikely for it to succeed, at least we all hope it is because as norm also indicated, this is kind of well-settled. there is precedent and these arguments have been made before other judges in the dc circuit, for instance, more recently with the appointment of bob mueller and they have been rejected, i think judge cannon was being very cautious. she allowed the defense to make a record. think that's also why she oddly allowed these friends of the court to make oral arguments, which i have to say it was an extraordinary step. i have never seen it in my years of

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practice and so i think she's going to take all of that back issue. his ruling shortly. >> and again, we don't know for what she's gonna do, but i think it's unlikely that she would move to remove jack smith will find out fairly soon. i suspect phil mattingly, critics of judge cannon, as you well know, have noted repeatedly that other judges have previously rejected these sorts of arguments about removing special counsels that's been that's the history, right? >> that's history. and it's not just critics. i think you just need to look at the history and you can objectives. we say whether it was in the hunter biden special counsel case and robert molar is you were just citing back to nixon? becton dickson case is back in the mid 70s that this is pretty settled at this point, or at least the precedent is pretty set. >> i think the one thing that i would dispute to some degree is that, yes, they might not win this particular motion, but they're winning if you're trump's lawyers right now because you're drawing it out, it based on what aileen cannon has done it nor made the point over cautious, methodical at some level.

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>> having hearings on everything, even if it diverges from how the court usually operates down there it just gives the trump team what they want, which as you continue to push it further down the calendar, evan said it eats up the calendar. there's no way it happens before november that's the goal. and in that sense, they're winning in some level. >> important point in a paula reid, you're watching all of this very closely, especially the us supreme court were all awaiting this ruling from the supreme court on whether trump should have immunity from any criminal prosecution. the earliest we can now get a decision from the nine justices. what next wednesday? >> yeah, that's what we expect in this relates to the other jack smith case against the former president related to election subversion and january 6, in this case has enormous implications, not just for the former president, but for future presidents as well. this is one of the biggest questions on presidential power that the supreme court has contemplated. in recent years. and the lower courts, this idea that for the former president has some sort of immunity or broad immunity has been completely rejected. but what was interesting is

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even though sources and trump oral didn't expect that this would be accepted by the high court during oral arguments, the justices seemed open to at least recognizing even some limited immunity for presidents, which would mean this whole case goes back down to the lower ports. and a lot of folks have been asking, well, why is it taking them so long? they've been in no hurry to move on. this jack smith asked him to the side this question back in december, instead, they waited for it to go so the appellate process, arrive at them and now we're in the last week. what we expect will maybe be the last week and we're still waiting on this decision, so they're helping in that trump's strategy to the last taking a long time, but it's a very significant decision that we're all waiting for. what do you think at least what's the most likely outcome? >> yeah, i think after listening to the oral argument, the most likely outcome is this going let's going back to the district court for some factual findings. i think the court is most likely going to require the judge to decide what was official acts and what we're unofficial acts seem like. that's where they were heading

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again, we don't know, we're going to have to wait until we see, but no matter what, i think the important point is that just like the classified documents case, it is going to kick this even farther down the road and i don't see that case going to trial before the election in november. so get to that point if the strategy was to the leg, they have 16. >> do you see it of course, leases, right. >> it's going to be tough if there's a test to get that trial that case to trial. but what you might get is a mini-trial because if there's a test for judge chutkan in dc, she's got to apply the evidence to the law and that means she needs to take witnesses. we saw this in the removal of the georgia 2020 election interference case. there were hearings, mark meadows, jeffrey clark, a mini-trial. does donald trump have this immunity or not? so that could have an impact, not the same as the trial, but we could have that same attention where the courts have been so important in this 2024

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political season, we bring fell into this conversation philly, as you know, a clerk to former supreme court justice anthony kennedy, i'm talking about leah lipman writes this in a new op-ed and let me put it up on the screen to read it. the reasons to think something is rotten at the court are impossible to ignore. this court has lost the benefit of the doubt for myriad reasons including its willingness to act quickly in cases that benefit republican interests and quote, how is this delay likely to impact the court? court? >> i was likely to impact the respect of the court and all of that i think the court has very much particularly in the wake of the dobbs decision that struck down roe versus wade tract with where the entire country has seen its politics over the course of the last several years, where it is now a very split issue. its popularity level has been hovering around 40 35 at its lowest point. it doesn't seem like it's going up anytime soon. people on partisan basis have very clear views. the opinion piece that you're citing there is both comprehensive and it's compelling in the sense that it

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pulls together a lot of examples that she says their case i have no reporting on how the court is deciding the timing of this specific case. what i do know though, is particularly heading into the november election what this demonstrates more than anything else is a 6-3 conservative majority has actual repercussions. they have moved the court in a very clear ideological direction on some of the most critical. and i think divisive issues inside the country that's the way it works on some level. and i understand why people might not like it or be viscerally opposed to it, but they are sending confirm judges. and if you're the biden campaign, i think you're looking at this and you're looking at the age of the current the court and you're making this a central issue like donald trump very effectively, did 2016. >> it's interesting, there's another key ruling we're all waiting for, as you know, this, paula on involving the january 6 defendants, it could also impact the criminal case potentially against donald trump involved mean january 6, what are their stakes in this specific case? >> so this is one of the other big outstanding cases before the high court in here. it's a

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question of when you can charge someone with obstruction section. does it apply to the insurrection? what we saw on january 6 or is obstruction of an official proceeding, is that limited mostly to investigations now, here you are? focus on a defendant who was charged with seven different counts. one of them is obstruction, depending on how this case goes, this could potentially impact the case against the former president when you talked to his lawyer because they refer to this case and the immunity case as quote, are cases. but it fills point, i think while these cases all wrapped potentially have an impact on the former president when it comes to the election, the outstanding abortion case out of idaho, depending on what the justices do there that decision could have the biggest impact on the election in terms of galvanizing voters will be watching all of these decisions. and there'll be coming in the next two weeks or so. we suspect well, they could delay it. we'll see what happens, guys. thank you very, very much. just ahead. news just coming in from las vegas, a judge dismissing charges against six republicans accused

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100020 in nevada tonight, a judge, just dismissed a criminal indictment against six republicans accused of signing certificates that falsely declared donald trump the winner of the state's 2020 presidential election. sara marie is joining us right now. she's got more on the so-called fake electors case. what does this mean, sarah? >> yeah. well, if this was a judge again, in nevada who dismissed the charges against half a dozen pro-trump fake electors in nevada. and the reason the judge made that decision was she essentially said that this case was brought in wrong jurisdiction. it shouldn't have been brought to her in clark county near las vegas. it should have been charged in northern nevada. now that have an attorney general aaron ford said after this its decision. he told the associated press other reporters who attended this hearing that he would go straight to the supreme court. he said the judge got it wrong and will be appealing immediately.

11:18 pm

>> but defense attorneys in this case feel like this could effectively b. >> the end of the case. they believe that there is a statute of limitations at play here that's going to prevent the government from being able to to continue to fight this battle wolf. >> or you're also tracking steve bannon's attempt to sara to delay prison time. what can you tell us about that? >> that's right. well, if it's something of a long shot, but steve bannon went to the supreme court today asking them to press pause on his prison sentence. the one that's set to begin on july 1st, it comes after an appeals court said yet late late yesterday evening that they were not going to pause at this prison the sentence again, this has been a longtime coming. it was two years ago that steve bannon was convicted of contempt of congress for refusing to provide documents or testimony to the house committee investigating january 6, he was sentenced to four months behind bars, but that was put on hold while he tried to appeal his conviction, something that has so far been unsuccessful in. so this is sort of his last ditch attempt to try to stay free and continue these peels. now,

11:19 pm

bannon's rhetoric has gotten even more pitched in the run-up to this potential prison sentence. he's vowed that if donald trump wins another term, they are going to go after the department of justice. take a listen to a little bit of what he's been saying on his podcast we are going to purge doj. >> we're going to take apart the fbi, the fbi, the american gestapo, that building pennsylvania avenue. we don't need $400 million for new headquarters. you're not going to need of course, you're not going to be the fbi and will fit probably won't surprise you to know that bannon and his team believed the department of justice wants him behind bars now because they don't want him speaking to his viewers in the run-up to the presidential election, bannon's attorney even put in court filings that millions look to him for guidance ahead of november. >> the fbi, the american gestapo, horrible. all right. sarah marie, thank you very, very much. and this just, in to cnn, multiple people have been shot at an arkansas grocery

11:20 pm

store. cnn's isabelle resolvers has more of this latest terrible shooting that's the latest, isabel. >> well, if this is a heartbreaking moment for the city of four dice, arkansas force to deal with a mass shooting at their local grocery store. we do have new information from the director of the arkansas state police, mike hager on the number of people hurt, killed, and the conditions of those people as well. in total, four 14 people were shot. this includes civilians, police officers and the shooter of those 14, 11 people worked civilians, three of them were killed. that is an update from just hours ago when we had heard of two. we also know that the injuries of the survivors they arranged from non-life-threatening to quote, extremely critical mike hagar also telling us a to law enforcement officers were hurt, shot in this exchange of gunfire with non-life-threateni ng injuries, and the shooter just one alone shooter, shot by law enforcement with non-life-threatening injuries and taken into custody was a

11:21 pm

witness outside of this grocery store just trying to get gas who got video he heard popping that he thought was fireworks. listen we are live here at mad import is on there shooting yeah, scary situation for sure. and once he saw people, david rodriguez, the witness saw people running and heard the sirens and the ambulances. he quickly realized that that popping wolf was no fireworks instead, that came from a gun isabel results. thank you very much for that update coming up new cnn reporting on the race to be donald trump's vice presidential running mate, including who is advising the former president on this decision. >> plus new video showing a very dangerous moment for another southwest airlines flight alive report on what

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family saada luxury mattresses made the affordable. i'm melissa bell in paris and this is cnn tonight we're getting new behind the scenes information about donald trump's search for a vice presidential running mate. >> this as trump and president biden are both gearing up for their historic debates showdown on cnn just six days from now mj lee is standing by for us over the white house. but first, let's go to cnn's kayla tausche. kayla, what do you the learning first of all, about who the people around trump are pushing him to pick well, because donald trump has set up this reality style competition for his vice presidential pick, wolfe were learned morning that there is a very aggressive lobbying campaign that's taking place behind the scenes and in some cases, it spurred by trump himself. >> i'm told that edit dinner that he held with top wall street finance here on the night of his criminal conviction, that he went around

11:27 pm

the room and asked each of the roughly two dozen attendees who they would pick for vice president and why i'm told that there was some i'm support for doug burgum, the former north dakota governor. there was some support for senator tim scott. there was some support for senator jd vance. there was even one attendee yeah, i'm told who vouched for one onetime trump cabinet official and his most recent gop primary challenger, nikki haley. two, which trump was just silent and scowled senator marco rubio, i'm told, was the informal winner of this straw poll. he received the most votes from the attendees at this donor dinner. and they cited one reason in particular, they believed that were something to happen to donald trump, who is 78-years-old, that the 50 three-year-old, rubio, a seasoned politician and candidate himself with a strong latino background who could help them in some states like nevada, that he would easily be able to step into that job. so it's clear that rubio is one of the favorite parts of the

11:28 pm

donor class, but it's not clear that that is going to be trump's pick because influential right-wing voices in the republican party has been urging him to pick senator jd vance among those those individuals, tucker carlson, steve bannon, and his own son, donald trump junior. and then there is the murdoch empire, which has been a lobbying behind the scenes for doug burgum touting his business bonus a few days but as for who trump will pick, it usually depends on who has spoken with trump. most recently. and that's why everyone is jacking to be in that position. >> we'll see what happens. i kayla standby. i want to bring in cnn's mj lee. she's over at the white house for us mj. how much time is president biden right now devoting to repairing? for this upcoming cnn debate? >> well, we really don't expect to see president biden in public much if at all the next couple of days as he's going to be hunker down at camp david with a small group of advisers to really do intensive debate preparations the team is expected to go through really anything and everything that

11:29 pm

could come up on that debate stage. a wide range of policy issues. but also the full range of potential insults and attacks that could come their way from donald trump, including insults that are directed at members of the biden family and then of course, as we get closer we'll start to thursday night. we expect the biden team will do full run-throughs of the debate and just to give you a sense of what those mock debates might look like at camp david bach baur, who is the president's personal attorney, attorney, who's expected to once again play the role of donald trump at these mock debates. he said on cnn earlier today that the person who is playing trump really needs to recreate the experience of what it is like to go up against donald trump. but at the same time, avoid being too fully theatrical that back could actually end up being distracting. >> now, all of this, of course, will boil down to one overarching goal for the biden team that is to make the case of the audience that is tuning in, you have two choices come

11:30 pm

november it is meat and it is donald trump and i am the better alternative. >> and this was vice president kamala harris earlier today talking about what she said was a binary choice. take a listen joe biden and this debate will make clear the contrast of the many issues in our country and our world that are complex and nuanced. >> november of 2024 is binary and when you look at the difference, i would ask people to really imagine what the world will be like on january 20 2025? >> and walk we of course expect that the biden team will have fully studied donald trump's recent public comments, as well as going back to watch the tape from the 2020 the debate. the one thing that the biden team can't know for sure is how disciplined donald trump will try to be at next week's debate. >> well, mj lee and kayla tausche? let's of your thank you very, very much. we're

11:31 pm

joined now by cnn senior political commentators, van jones and navarro, anna, we've seen now nikki haley, as you know, draw significant support in various gop primaries even after trump's secured the republican presidential nomination, do you think any of these names will actually help trump unite republicans i think marco rubio would actually help him with some of the establishment republicans, some of the people who some other republicans were very nervous about trump. >> i just don't think there's any way in hell that donald trump is ever going to forgive nikki haley. looks like he's forgiven. jd vance looks like he's forgiven. marco rubio, both of him attacked him, vertically in 2016 but nikki haley, i think he puts in a different category because she bit the hand that her foreign policies bona fide, these come from being his un ambassador.

11:32 pm

he put her in his administration and she turned on him. >> i don't think that is ever going to be forgiven by donald trump if it does, it's going to take years, not months i think marco rubio is a very inspirational speaker, has a great backstory. i almost have a hard time thinking that donald trump would put him on because i think he's a better speaker and a better candidate. >> then trump himself interesting van jones, i'm actually to get your thoughts, what do you make of the fact that almost all of these trump potential vice presidential finalists have previously been very, very critical of trump well, i mean, pretty much every human being on earth has been critical of trump because trump dustup that did man's criticism he gets indicted, he gets impeached, he insults people he's awful. if you had a child like that, you would you be very, very concerned. you certainly wouldn't hire someone like that. so there is very few

11:33 pm

people whose last name or not trump that have not criticized him. so he's got to swim in those waters. that said the last time he had to pick somebody. he was trying to consolidate the party. he had problems. he had to figure out how can i get the ip angelica is on my side. how can i get the business community go with me and so you had to he was forced to make a pec with pence, right now. >> he has no problem so this party he can do whatever he wants to. he acts completely unacceptable and they all want to vote for him anyway. so that's why he gets a chance to play this little game, this reality to choke petition. and at some point i'll just literally throw a dart because there's not one part of this party, not the ev angelica calls, not the business community, not the grassroots. that's willing to stand up to the sky and say, you are not behaving an acceptable way for an american leader. they will all bowed down. so now, it could be rubio, it could be tim scott, it can literally be kermit the frog they are still going to vote for him the same numbers and he knows it i

11:34 pm

don't think it's going to be kermit the frog go ahead for nike with that. i think there's certainly he doesn't need help with the base and 2016, he needed help with the base. he needed help with the evangelicals, particularly after the access hollywood tape, right now we all know this race is going to come down to six or seven states and hundreds of thousands, if not less, voters. and he does have a problem with a certain wing of the republican party, who don't like him because they actually are still an order and who have issues with his foreign policy? >> some there are people on that list including nikki haley, including marco rubio, who would come the nerves of some of these republicans and right-leaning independents? >> who are not at all comfortable with trump as you know, van trump is now calling biden and i'm quoting him now, a worthy, worthy debater

11:35 pm

that's a new interview and that's a big departure. >> from his previous questioning of biden's mental fitness. what does that reveal to you that reveals a be realized he's made a mistake of lowering the expectations at the point that as long as joe biden can fall the mirror, he's going to win this debate because donald trump has spent the whole time telling me by this guy is basically a walking corpse. >> and so he's dao trying to back pedal and then defense for the next six days, tracing the guy continuing his socrates or something, but it's too late. he's already, the cake is baked. he said that that biden can't do it. he said that the sleepy joe biden outsource stuff and biden's going to go in there give a discipline strong performance, and by the way if you can stand up and anybody has been run with this guy, if you can stand up to donald trump, who was a runaway freight train and a grizzly bear at the same time and holds your own for an hour-and-a-half , you are fit to be president. so you can't change it now, you set this guy is a complete loser. you can't do anything. he's going to stand up at donald trump for an

11:36 pm

hour-and-a-half and you can't now he wants it to move. it's too late. it's too late. he's already he's already made as big as that ally in it. >> i van jones and navarro to both of you. thank you very much. just ahead. major rulings just coming in from the involuntary manslaughter case against alec baldwin with a judge deciding whether to dismiss charges against the actor before epa called chewable for allergic edge giving dogs pills was a battle of wits. oh, maria, i'm wanted to hear foolish game you see gone, totally gone. >> each relief just got easier. apple quell the trusted number one treatment for allergic, which is now available in a tasty chewable that works in a day, do not use in dogs with serious infections may cause worsening of existing parasitic skin infestations are pre-existing cancers and serious infections. new neoplasia is have been observed, do not use in dogs less than 12 months old, ask your vet for apa culture doable to it with so many choices on, there are so many tina phase i could be. >> so i hired body doubles to

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11:40 pm

science, better results violent birth, which we have schreiber sunday at nine on cnn all right this just in to cnn new us confirmation that americans have died during the hajj pilgrimage and saudi arabia, as temperatures they're soar well above 100 degrees. cnn's aleks bark board is joining us here in the situation room. he's got details. what are you learning, alex? >> well, we've just heard from the state department that among the hundreds of deaths that have been confirmed so far, and it may be more than that that there are multiple us citizens it's according to the us state department, they offer their condolences, but they're not saying anything more due to sensitivities and privacy surrounding those desolate, multiple americans have been killed. it has been an extraordinarily hot year for the hajj when muslims from all around the world of make their way to mecca holiest site in all of islam. temperatures peaked earlier this week at

11:41 pm

some 125 degrees on monday. that's 50 51.8 degrees celsius, the hottest day in mecca as history so far the death toll is right around 500 people and we have seen saenz disturbing scenes. >> i have to warn our viewers of video coming in from mecca with some of those who died on the side of the road pilgrims who go to mecca walk around the city they spend days there they, many of them are sleeping intense at night and you can see there some of the casualties from this heat the estimated death toll right now is around 500 people from all around the world, but it could double that there are countries like egypt and saudi arabia that have not yet reported there our deepest condolences to the families. thank you very much. alex margaret, with that update, we're also following a hearing in new mexico on the criminal case against the actor and producer, alec baldwin, stemming from the fatal

11:42 pm

shooting on the set of the film rust back in 2021, we're joined now by our cnn security correspondent josh campbell. and are cnn legal analyst, joey jackson. josh v2 you there's been a lot of action in court today just ahead of baldwin's criminal trial, update, our viewers have wolffian that hearing still underway right now. >> we're waiting to see whether this judge in new mexico will side with baldwin's team and dismiss the indictment against him. what the baldwin team has alleged is that while the gun was being tested by the fbi, this was the gun that alec baldwin was holding back in 2021 when it went off killing cinematographer halyna hutchins boat when seemed claim that the fbi testing destroyed that gun, which means that they're not able to recreate whatever that testing was. of course, the gun itself and key piece of evidence, because the fbi determined it could not have gone off unless someone actually pulled the trigger. now, there was a separate motion to dismiss that the judge said, no, we're not gonna do that, but we're waiting on this one motion

11:43 pm

here, which could come at any moment and then separately the armor on the set of the movie, hannah gutierrez read the person responsible for firearm safety. she was previously convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the judge ruling today that they will not grant her what's called use immunity she could still be called to testify in baldwin's trial, but she can't be asked any questions that might incriminate her so busy development in court today. >> and josch t, the prosecutor you should have filed a motion calling alec baldwin reckless. >> what does that reveal about their strategy yeah, this is interesting. the more we're learning from this critical new filing from prosecutors is that they're not just focusing on the moment that the gun went off but they're looking in the days and weeks before that and what they claim is that actor alec baldwin had been engaged in a pattern of unsafe practices. they claimed that based on a review of video evidence that they obtained on the set of the movie that baldwin was using the gun as a pointer that he was engaged in. what they referred to as horse play at one point while setting up for a scene, allegedly had

11:44 pm

fired a blank round found at a crew member. of course, alec baldwin has denied all of all of that, saying there weren't unsafe practices. he has pleaded not guilty, but all that tracks with what the initial prosecutor in the case told me early on whenever the charges we're just we're first brought. take a listen here to the da at the time describing this culture of unsafe practices they found on the set baldwin being charged as an actor who is holding pulling the gun or as a producer on the set, who was negligent about the safety standards can help describe that. >> he's being charged as both. he was the after that pulled the trigger. so certainly he's he's charged as an actor, but also as a producer. he also had a duty to make sure that the set was safe so they're key strategy wolf will appear to look at the totality of the circ*mstances over the period of several days. >> of course we'll wait and see what happens when the trial begins. next month. but again, right now, waiting for ruling on whether to dismiss the case that could come at any moment, wolf and joey euro legal analysts give us your analysis

11:45 pm

assists what this, what does this mean just ahead of baldwin's trial yeah. >> so what they're really doing, they being the defense team is attacking whether or not the case should go the trough following reason, remember this is not a murder case. a murder case you're premeditated, you're showing intent, you're showing purpose, you're showing it was your goal that was your objective to produce a death that's not here. what the issues here are. dealing with. recklessness. that means your conduct, you consciously disregard the risk that if you engage in unsafe behavior, something bad will happen. it did you saw there in josh's piece and has interview where he's asking, right. john as you just ask the question as to how is he being charged, i think from an actor's perspective, it's much more sympathetic why? because you're an actor and you have a right to reasonably rolling why upon your teammates, other people, that the gun is a cold gun, it's safe, it's not going to go off. i think has larger issue to josh's point and questions of the district should attorney is are you being charged also as a producer there? what is your

11:46 pm

duty to ensure that the entirety of the set is safe? that the systems in place with regard to guns and their use or dummy gun should indeed be dummy guns. and so to the extent that the prosecutors going after him, these dual ways, it presents exposure for him. last point, what the team's arguing, the fence team has that hey, if it's a dummy gun, it's a cold gun. how could you consciously disregard the risk that it's going to result in death? you don't think it's real. the judge has to grapple what that issue and i think the judge is saying that that's a jury question, meaning jury is there to determine facts? let's let a jury determine the safety of the set and the propriety of your use of that weapon, they'll decide i'm not going to joey joey jackson, josh campbell to both of you. thank you very much now to a new scare, the sky is just what we don't need another major scare, a southwest flight under investigation for flying dangerously low over an oklahoma town. our aviation corresponded pete been teens joining us with details, how

11:47 pm

serious pete is this latest aviation incidents? >> well, wolf air traffic controllers really saved the day here, even still very alarming especially since this is the second incident in as many months involving a southwest flight getting too too low. this case happened just after midnight on wednesday morning, and this is the doorbell video into cnn. it shows southwest flight 40, 69 on approach but landa, will rogers world report and oklahoma city. about nine miles away from the airport in the town of yukon, oklahoma. the plane was lined up to land on the runway that point southeast and the data from flight radar 24 says the flight got down to 525 feet above ground level. let's put it into context. it's about one-and-a-half football fields, only four lengths of the 730 pretty seven itself or the height of the washington monument, half the height of the empire state building. the point is very low for that distance from the airport. the faa says a minimum safe altitude warning or m saw alert sounded the control tower prompting the air traffic

11:48 pm

controller to issue southwest 40, 69 low altitude alert. listen here because 40, 69 low altitude alert and the pilots climb back up and maneuvered for a safe landing. nobody was hurt at this. the faa says it is investigating in southwest is doing its own internal investigation. here's what the airline says in a statement, southwest is following its robust safety management system is unconscious tag with the faa to understand any irregularities with the aircraft's approach to the airport? nothing is more important to southwest than the safety of our customers. and employees. the question here is how this could happen. did the pilots improperly configure their instruments like in the crash of a korean air flight and guam and 1997 or were they simply fatigue depth or really long day? remember, this light was coming in after midnight and pilots i talked to you say they'd been worked especially hard lately. big questions here for investigators. the good news is the layers of safety work that low altitude alerting

11:49 pm

system and use by air traffic control stop the accident. can i was headed toward disaster? >> thank god for that. on team. thank you very much coming up alive. report i'm a truly shocking story from paris where at least two young boys are now in custody after a brutal anti-semitic attack on a 12-year-old little jewish girl psoriatic arthritis is tough. >> symptoms can be unpredictable one day, judge, joyce hurt next, it's on your skin he's painful i couldn't move like are used to i got because he feels good to move. >> consent x has to real people move and feel better it treats multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis for less joint pain, swelling, and tenderness, back pain, and clearer scan and go syntax can even help stop further joint damage don't use if you're allergic to go syntax before starting, get checked for tuberculosis, an increased risk of infections

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11:53 pm

the comfort a great night sleep even mackenzie in washington and this is cnn protests and anger and france tonight, as the alleged rape of a 12-year-old jewish girl is putting a spotlight on the rise of anti-semitic violence in france, cns, melissa bell is in paris with details it's an alleged gang-rape that has sent shockwaves through france over 12-year-old jewish girl who was heading home in a paris suburb on saturday afternoon when three boys will 12 and 13-years-old approached her and forced her into this abandoned building. >> according to cnn affiliate bfmtv, citing police sources as two of the three boys allegedly raped her anti-semitic insults were also allegedly used,

11:54 pm

including calling her a quote, dirty jew. >> the boys have been taken into custody according to the local prosecutor. >> it comes at a critical time in france with an election cool too. test the rise of the right. butt that has put the future of the government itself on the line. an attack that has sparked intense political debate on antisemitism further height by israel's war in gaza president emmanuel macron has condemned a scourge of antisemitism that he says is festering in french schools according to francis interior ministry, anti-semitic incidents in france rose 284% from 2022 to 2023 but this attack has brought demonstrators to paris's city hall comes from that's this often the case. >> antisemitism is a barometer of a country's democratic health hey, right now, it says something about french society. >> more protests or plan this weekend is anti-semitism now takes center stage as a political issue just days

11:55 pm

before the country heads to the polls lots of bells joining us now live from paris. >> melissa, what more can you tell us about how this horrific incident is influencing a very unstable moment? right now in french politics let's try. >> we're in the middle of these parliamentary elections. the elections that a few days away, wolf and it is a particularly bitterly divided french society that there is all the political leaders of the main parties have come out to condemn this attack, but bear in mind that this is an election very much dominated by the extremes on the far national rally party that was founded after all, by a holocaust even though it has sought to put distance between itself. and that. and on the far left by one liter who described eji, semitism is simply residual drawing, an outcry. then this literally charged atmosphere, of course, is also putting this central stage again in a country that was already having a conversation about anti-semitism melissa bell in paris for us. >> thank you very much and we'll be right back.

11:56 pm

>> the most anticipated moment of this election. and the stakes couldn't be higher. the president and the former president one stage moderated by jake tapper and dana bash to cnn presidential debate thursday night at nine live on cnn and streaming on max three, body serie a city client uses city's financial expertise to help drive its growth and keep its supply chain moving some more pet parents can get everything they need, right when they need it. >> keeping more pets and families happy for the love of moving our clients forward for the love of progress nothing dems my light like a migraine with nortech ott. i found relief the only migraine medication that helps treat and prevent all-in-one to those

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12:00 am

your way there's a pro for that. >> serve bro like never even happened this is cnn world's news network finally tonight i want to say thanks and goodbye to my good friend and colleague are longtime cnn washington bureau chief sam feist. today is his last de it cnn. he's moving on to become the new ceo of c-span here in washington, it will be the exciting new adventure for him, but all of us at cnn will miss him big time, especially me. he was the first executive producer of the situation room and we have traveled extensively together covering news around the world. sam is truly a world-class journalists. good luck sam. we only wish you the very, very

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