[Top 15] SSSniperWolf Best Videos To Watch (2024)

Lia Valentine is a British-born, self-made YouTuber and professional cosplayer who specialises in playing Call of Duty. She goes by the unique name SSSniperWolf and is arguably one of the best gamers on YouTube. Here, we will look at her top 15 videos on YouTube!

SSSniperWolf told Forbes that she always described herself as the “weird girl” in school and is here to show the world that girls can be great at gaming too! So let’s challenge any myths today and show you some funny and entertaining videos.

15. Gaming Setup! 1,000,000 Wolves

The perfect video to introduce SSSniperWolf is her introduction video to her gaming setup. She shows off her gaming chair, laptops, and of course, her YouTube award!

She reveals that she uses controllers while playing games on her laptops, which is very different for a gamer, as most PC gamers use an RGB keyboard. After all, a controller has less accuracy and control, but maybe SSSniper knows something we don’t!

Her setup is super inspiring because we see that she is a "normal" person, and she shows us how organised a great set-up can be, including little fidget toys for her to be able to play.

SSSniper shows us her PlayStation collection, which is really cool to see what kind of consoles she likes to use and could give her fans some inspiration. As it shows, with 2+ million views, this is popular amongst her fans, who said they felt inspired and honoured to be allowed into her personal space.

So, if you’re thinking of doing your own YouTube gaming channel, there’s no one set way; have your set up how you like it and enjoy the ride! Just like SSSniperWolf.

14. Most ODDLY SATISFYING Video to watch before sleep

SSSniperWolf loves all things messy, and she found a compilation of videos showing viewers the most satisfying habits, like peeling glue off your hands and completing a perfect pencil-sharpening swirl.

SSSniper loves satisfying videos, and there is some science about satisfying things being therapeutic, especially when experiencing ASMR. Her reactions to this video are hilarious and will get you vibing with her on the most pleasing things that tickle all of our sensory needs, currently shown on the internet - make sure you don’t try any of this at home!

So, next time you’re agitated, why don’t you pop some bubbles and balloons or cut some soap into tiny squares? It might help relax you and prepare you for a fun gaming night! That must be why this video received so many views!


This video was given a lot of attention from SSSniper’s fans and is perfect to be number 13 on this list! Here, SSSniperWolf is playing a cute-looking online quiz game, not too different from Jackbox.com, and she has to answer the strangest questions ever written!

SSSniper states with the idea that games come in all sizes, types, and genres; even quiz games are valid! SSSniper doesn’t like gatekeeping, and she shows that even the simplest games are great fun!

SSSniper has a brilliant online presence and personality, as many subscribers show. With funny animation, this little game is entertaining to watch her play, as well as her reactions and rages! This video is hilarious, and SSSniper gets involved with the gameplay to the point where she has to click to save the cat in the game, but the cat explodes!

12. Don't Play this SCARY VR Game Alone

"Get a VR system," they said. "It’ll be fun!" they said. But heck, were they right! SSSniper shows off her newest toy: the Oculus Quest, and it looks like a lot of fun to play! Her game of choice to show off to her viewers was Face Your Fears 2, a spooky but interactive game where she had to explore a creepy old house.

SSSniper is a natural comedian, which shows her gaming style is to throw herself into the deep end and you can tell she’s a pro gamer but the game spooks her too much, and she has to quit! Talk about facing your fear!

11. THIS B**** IS CRAZY | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

SSSniperWolf loves spooky games. During this exciting video, we see her playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, a super-creepy horror game where your character will be turned into a zombie if you're not careful! That’s pretty creepy, especially with the upcoming Halloween season!

Even though the game has some super-intense moments where her character nearly gets bitten and stabbed, SSSniper keeps her cool and completes the game. She’s a little shaken in the final scene where a zombie kills itself, but in true gamer style, there’s nothing a little combat can’t deal with, followed up with a good, old-fashioned teabagging moment, in which SSSniperWolf takes full advantage!

SSSniper shows off this creepy game in style and shows you what you’re missing out on. So, if you’re in the mood for action with zombies, SSSniper shows you which one she likes to play!

10. DO NOT Use This Online Chatroom At Night

SSSniperWolf finds a creepy interactive webcam chat game on the Net, where she meets three other individuals, and in the beginning, our YouTuber's microphone seems to be broken, which is where the spooks begin!

As we watch with her, each person in the chat gets picked off by some unknown "entity", but someone keeps writing in the chat log. The creepiest thing about this is that no one can leave! Sniper stays calm, like the pro that she is. It must be all those creepy games she plays!

When the web chat show ends, SSSniper looks thoroughly freaked out and admits this was the evil version of Omegle, to which she happily goes on, pretending not to be SSSniperWolf! This must be her way of calming herself down after such a frightening experience.

What an excellent idea to have a "live" web chat group with one real-life person in the video and everyone else getting picked off by... who knows what!

9. My Crush Found Me Hiding In His Closet…

SSSniper’s fans love it when their favourite YouTuber goes off on a rant about Episode, a mobile game where you play along in a storyline; it’s pretty much about vampires and high school! SSSniper makes these games way more bearable as she gently pokes a little fun at the game's mechanics.

There’s always something amusing when watching these videos. Mobile RPGs like Episode are becoming more popular every minute. SSSniper wanted to show us what her favourite game is like, involving attractive male characters and the typical antics that teenagers get up to.

This video has one of the highest numbers of comments, with over 7K comments; this shows that her fans love her narration of the game and her unique punchlines!

8. Mom Says Girls Can't Play Video Games ft SSSniperWolf

SSSniperWolf plucks at our heartstrings with this cute video, as she shows us how she helped make a Dhar Mann video, used as the inspiration for the main character of a young female gamer.

The topic is that girls can be gamers too, and they can be great gamers, as SSSniperWolf shows off her skills consistently. In the video, she shows us how to treat people equally and challenges myths about girls and women doing things in society that have been normalised. For example, the myth that women belong in the kitchen.

She has been inspiring future generations of gamers through this video, and not surprisingly, she received 21 million likes for it. SSSniperWolf shows us in this video that if a guy can do something, so can a girl!

This video is heartfelt and encouraging to see within mainstream media, as it could inspire hundreds of future generations of gamers.


The number of clicks this video got was SSSniperWolf’s fans assuming that she’d given up gaming, which was humorous. This is a cute little prank that gaming YouTubers do every so often, and SSSniper was asked this over and over by her fans because she had gone silent online.

Her fans thought she had quit gaming because she had been playing Overwatch obsessively, 7-9 hours a day and had no time to stream or post any videos.

SSSniperWolf says she played the game so much because she wanted to be more skilled in the gameplay. Sure enough, during this video, we see her playing Overwatch like an expert, and it’s awe-inspiring to watch her play and feel like a comedy sketch as she playfully rants at her fellow gamers. Her playful attitude doesn’t mean she doesn’t support her team, though, which is another fun thing to watch in this video.

One fan commented in the comments section that watching her play helped their gameplay and gave them some tips because Overwatch is not easy to play, despite being fun! She receives so much support in her comments section, and wholesome to see the gaming side of the internet coming together to give each other positive vibes.

So, if you’re feeling a little glum, watch this video. It might raise your spirits due to SSSniper’s fun and positive attitude and the positivity she experiences online.


SSSniperWolf starts this stream by introducing herself and what she will talk about whilst playing Black Ops III. The topic: how she started getting into gaming. She talks about her anger management issues. Who would have known that this legendary gamer has anger issues?

Opening up about her private life on the internet is brave of her. After all, the Internet can be a savage place! However, she discusses how it has affected her life and how she is attempting to manage it now, and she admits to having a weakness of reacting too quickly.

SSSniperWolf then talks about getting her first PS1 when she was six, becoming obsessed. The YouTuber quickly learned how to play and understood the mechanics of the games she played. Metal Gear was the first game she was gifted, an excellent game to play but also very adult for someone so young. So SSSniper learned not to let the violence affect her, even though the game felt realistic to her, as she admitted in this video.

When PlayStation upgraded to PS3, SSSniper said that she couldn’t wait to get a PS3 and worked really hard to earn it, which is nice to hear a true story of hard work paying off. She talks about how "girl gamers" were initially looked down on and how people thought that girls playing games were a waste of time, but she attributes her fast reflexes to her gaming experience.

There’s a silver lining to every cloud!

5. DON’T Take This Survey Home Alone

Here, SSSniperWolf showcases another creepy game, Start Survey. The player starts the game in a dark bedroom with a laptop on a table, and the player has to complete a survey.

Throughout the game, SSSniper gets more, and more freaked out as the game implies creepy ideas, such as "do you know where you are?" or "are you alone?" It gives stalker vibes, where the game seems to have been created to complete a survey, which the gamer fills out to pinpoint the players’ location. The creepy tonal music also helps set the scene perfectly!

While SSSniper plays, she admits the game's feel is eerie and makes her uncomfortable, with doors swinging open and floors creaking. SSSniper becomes more chatty to the camera, maybe to try to comfort herself through the creepy gameplay and takes an unpleasant turn when the game suggests someone behind her. Oooo, hella creepy!

For most people, this would be enough to "yeet" the game away, but SSSniperWolf is made of sterner stuff and rocks on through to the end of the game, which freaks her further. Just be careful if you want to play creepy games that mess with your mind; they might break you!

4. Playing Minecraft For The FIRST Time

During this video, we watch SSSniperWolf follow a Minecraft expert gamer around the Minecraft game while she learns the game's mechanics. Not only does she get blown up by a creeper, which is hilarious, but she begins to enjoy the game.

After being spoiled by high-definition games, SSSniper finds the pixelated characters and world extremely strange. Still, she enjoys coming across random animals and beating them up. A little mean, if you want to eat in this game, you must slaughter animals and use their parts for other things! SSSniper nearly drowns, nearly gets killed by a skeleton, and repeatedly has to heal her character.

Ten minutes into the video, she comes across a nest of zombies that she and her friend try to escape. Her friend, a Minecraft expert, keeps trying to build a house for them to take shelter in from the enemy. She is glad to end the gameplay and even manages to build a house by the end! Unfortunately, SSSniper acts freaked out by being shot at, trying to be blown up, and being eaten by spiders.

So if you want to watch someone get annihilated in Minecraft, this is the video for you. SSSniper might be an expert in CoD, but not so much in these building games!


SSSniperWolf decided it was a good idea to call random, cursed numbers at 3 am—yes, you heard me correctly! CURSED NUMBERS! Before she began calling the numbers, she looked worried, but we know SSSniper is a real-life daredevil who loves horror, so she did it anyway!

We wouldn’t recommend you try this at home because these calls were extremely creepy and could lead to stalking. But her fans loved watching her take the risk for them as she called numbers with heavy breathing. There was also the sound of someone eating something crunchy. SSSniper thought this sounded as though it were a person who fancied some taco bell!

Not only were the calls super creepy, but when one unknown number called her back, there was interference on her microphone, which might be a huge coincidence, but what if a ghost tried calling her - for real??

Over halfway through the video, she almost gives up; it’s just too real for her, and she admits her hands were shaking, which you can see. Unbelievably, she used her actual phone number to make the calls without withholding it! However, at 9:10 minutes into the video, I did not expect to hear a voice on her microphone. This voice sounded like a man breathing heavily down the mic. It could have been added later, but it seems genuine because SSSniper doesn't mention it. Perhaps she is haunted after all! Be sure to check it out!

She’s either dumb as a brush or really brave. Either way, she would do anything for her fans and is relieved when the video ends and her horror is finally over.


SSSniperWolf shows us exactly why she’s called "SniperWolf!" She plays Fortnite, showing off her fantastic character with pink hair and a cyberpunk scythe. She exposes her enemy by blowing up their building, takes them out with an automatic shotgun and destroys the set around her.

It's cool to see how she plays. She jumps around a lot, ensuring she’s not in one static place and sniping quite a few enemies on the highest building she can find. Although she does come across another player who, even she admits, is a difficult target to shoot and nearly takes her out, she manages to get a headshot on her sniper rifle.

SSSniperWolf is really careful to keep out of sight while on the ground and continues to build as she plays, bricking herself in when an enemy deploys a plane to take her out. But even they can’t destroy her spirit!

This video is inspiring, and we see that through sheer determination and skill, you can become a pro on Fortnite. SSSNiper gets 50 kills by the end and does a little jig to celebrate!


For the run-up to the spooky season, number one on this list had to be a creepy one, from which SSSniper gets a real kick. She spends the night in a hotel with some friends, and they use an ouija board to contact some spirits! After all, it’s a “tabletop” game; it’s valid - right?

We see that a spirit named Leona, who committed suicide in the hotel years ago, gets through, and she and SSSniper's friends are terrified—and they have to stay the night! Not only is this super creepy, but the Ouija board is homemade—what could go wrong? We discover how wrong this could go as the pointer begins to move as soon as they ask the first question.

SSSniper and her friend accuse each other of pushing the pointer around the homemade board and discover that five spirits are revealed. What would you do if you took part in a seance? Would you stay calm, ask weird questions, or run out the door like SSSniperWolf?

If you decide to do a seance, stay safe and have fun! Take SSSniperWolf’s advice, chill, and enjoy the time with friends; don’t do spooky stuff alone!

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