Windhelm Re-Cut - Restored Locations NPCs Items and More (2024)

The coldest part of Skyrim and people aren't talking about all the snow. A bit of kindness wasn't the only thing missing from Windhelm though as
there was a bunch of cut content to add too which is listed below:

Windhelm: Part 1 - Eastmarch

Sulvar and the wheel (unused NPC and cut location) – 100% more wheel watching action. Sulvar package implies he sleeps in the basem*nt of Niranye’s house. It’s strange but there’s not really space elsewhere and most others NPCs don’t have any info so I went with it.

Scouts-Many-Marshes Cornerclub (unused dialogue) – Scouts goes to the Cornerclub so everyonecan hear his glorious cut lines. You may think this is not lore friendly but I will try to convince you with these three reasons: you can be an Argonian and they let you in; he teaches you how to sneak so who is to say he didn’t sneak in especially as he goes in after dark; a wizard did it.

Holly Frost Farm (unused dialogue) – Tulvar visits the market.

Idesa and Shahvee spend time together (unused package) – besties are back.

Sings-of-Dreams (cut NPC) – the dream of the missing Argonian in Windhelm was not a dream.

Darkwater Crossing Crossinghouse (cut location and updated packages) – Sondas finally takes care of Hrefna whilst working at the Inn he was dressed to work at. Some other people at the settlement will also stop by at times.

Dasturn and Meieran (cut NPCs) – Dasturn’s tales can finally be told featuring Meieran the half-decent farmer.

Frostbark Lumber Mill (cut location) – The missing mill mentioned in Kynesgrove. The first thing you’d do is dismantle it to sell if you could never use it so not much remains.

Froa and the goat (cut NPC) – Kjeld and Iddra kind of forgot their daughter but she finally found her way home. Also added a goat since her older brother mentions it.

Drunk Cultist (unused NPC) – so drunk she wondered into a castle full of necromancers.

Stormcloak sleeved cuirass (unused item) – the highly classified Stormcloak armour which will turn the tide of the war: long sleeves.

Riverwatch (cut location) – it’s a cave near a river that you could watch it from.

Captain Lonely-Gale scenes (cut dialogue) – some extra scenes with Ulfric who apparently can't remember his name.

Windhelm: Part 2 - The Pit
There was so much cut stuff from Windhelm it's here in two parts! This one is actually in two parts for a few other reasons, one of which is that this content is less finished than the rest - including it with the rest that works pretty seamlessly didn't really feel right and I also actually worked on it from a separate file since I first started with it as I worried about the possible issues that could arise with it (it seems okay from the testing I've done though). Anyway, here's what's in this:

The Pit (unused location) – the new pit fighter NPCs will have battles in the arena and you can go to spectate, there's a whole new wing in Windhelm where it is by the palace. There are no jail escapes - it's a really difficult task to try and balance battles and jail escapes. There's no way for you to officially become a part of the pit fighters but you can always go help kill the skeevers... or the fighters themselves but at least some some of it's original functionality has been restored for now.

The Bloodworks (cut location) –The pit fighters train and sleep in the extended Barracks, which were already called the Bloodworks by some NPCs.

Benkum, Brond, Edorfin, Huki-Seven Swords, Liesl (unused NPCs) – Huki and Benkum make sure the Pit keeps running whilst the pit fighters themselves have battles you can watch in the arena daily (6pm on weekdays, 2pm on weekends), they'll normally fight each other but sometimes skeevers will be released into the arena too.

Torbjorn visits the Pit (created package) – he made reference to one of the fighters in the base game, now it makes sense!

Broken weapon parts (unused items) – part of the clutter in the exterior Pit pavilion.

Part of the Re-Cut series - I will add links as they are uploaded:
Haafingar / Solitude
Hjaalmarch / Morthal
The Pale / Dawnstar
The Reach / Markarth
The Rift / Riften
Eastmarch / Windhelm (you are here)
Falkreath | Granite Hill
Dragonborn / Solstheim
Anniversary Edition / Creation ClubQ&A
All the other mods in the series have a PlayStation version but I can't find one for the Pit?
No PlayStation version, sorry. As far as I'm aware it simply isn't compatible with the platform due to limitations. This is another reason as to why it's a separate file.

No quests?

Not at the moment, sorry. I think there's a reason a lot of the cut quests haven't been touched and that's because it's like trying to assemble a jigsaw in a foreign language with no instructions and plenty of pieces either being wrong or missing. That also includes almost anything to do with the Civil War. There are already some mods that do a lot of that and it would take an absolute Creation Kit master to be able to restore some of the stuff that hasn't been already.

You missed something and I am sad it's not here...
If you think that, then great. Not the sad bit but rather that if you found something I did not then please tell me about it and I'll see if I can implement it.

Isn't this all just removed cut content added back to the game? What do you mean by your tags of "cut, unused and created"?
Cut means you can find reference to it in the files or other sources like the strategy guide but wasn't literally present in the files. I tried my best to recreate it how Bethesda may have done but can't guarantee it's 100% how they would have done it. Unused means I basically just put it back in the game because it couldn't be found anywhere in the in-game world. Created means I added it in myself because it was just logical, such as an inkeeper to an unused inn or Thalmor in the Thalmor Headquarters. I have tried to restore everything as faithfully as I possibly could but some of it simply had next to nothing left to work with and required some of my own input.

This mod should work on pre-existing saves and be okay to install mid-game. I'd recommend waiting until you finish a book quest from Urag if you though.

I actually made sure that it would work with a few other popular mods like all of the Creation Club content, the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Legends Imports, Populated Skyrim and a few smaller scale ones like Khajiit Caravan Mules. Unlike every other mod in this series there is a light conflict with ESO Imports - it actually looks okay from the outside and is nothing major but one of the new exterior walls is in a similar place to a wall placed by that mod. This one may conflict with Windhelm overhauls although the Pit is quite tucked away in its own area so it might not be too bad.

Windhelm Re-Cut - Restored Locations NPCs Items and More (2024)
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