9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (2024)

Aarron Lopex

Sun City isn’t only known for UTEP and beautiful views; it’s also known for a vibrant, fashion-forward community—proven by the countless thrift stores in El Paso, Texas boasting some seriously stylish, second hand finds.

But don’t forget to read up on the savviest thrift shopping tips before heading out into the 915 to get the most bang for your buck.

The Full List Of Thrift Stores El Paso, Texas

  • Estela’s Thrift Shop
  • keep Digging in thrift store
  • Eureka Thrift
  • The Red Door Vintage
  • One Size Fits All Vintage
  • Prêt-A-Porter Fashions
  • The Vault Vintage Outlet
  • Uptown Cheapskate

1. Estela’s Thrift Shop

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (1)

About Estela’s Thrift Shop El Paso

Although the space is small, Estela’s Thrift Shop’s collection of items is anything but. It’s loaded to the brim with home decor, furniture, clothes, accessories, books, music, and other antique finds.

That makes it the perfect destination during a home redecoration, as they have plenty of unique tables—like those with integrated magazine racks and storage bases—chairs, paintings, and other kitschy doodads. Don’t miss the ultra-rare items like chairs made of 100% upcycled tires!

Locals love Estela’s because every visit is a treasure hunt with affordable items tucked away in every nook and cranny.

Location: Durazno

2. keep Digging in thrift store

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (2)

About keep Digging in Thrift El Paso

keep Digging in isn’t hard to miss with its bright red and black exterior. It’s a unique second hand store in El Paso, offering a treasure trove of goodies.

Inside, you’re greeted by an electric mix of clothing, accessories, collectibles, home decor, paintings,and, according to locals, one of the best assortment of vintage jewelry available, making it a hot spot for accessories.

Although keep Digging in doesn’t have a large online footprint, they’ve been featured on large travel Instagram pages for rare items.

Owner Devlzve is known for being friendly and maintaining a clean atmosphere—with a cute and loving store cat to boot.

Location: Lincoln Park

3. Eureka Thrift

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (3)

About Eureka Thrift Store Downtown El Paso

Eureka! We’ve definitely found one of the best thrift stores in El Paso with this one. Eureka Thrift combines the nostalgia of second hand goods with Mexican culture, creating a one-of-a-kind thrifting experience.

Inside, you’ll find a pristine show floor teeming with clothing racks of men’s and women’s apparel. Whether you’re seeking a new rhinestone studded red tweed jacket, a Coach purse for only $17(!), or a summer BBQ ready denim mini dress, you’ll find it there

Despite its upscale appearance, Eureka is known for its affordable prices, especially if you hit up one of their many sale events, like select items being .99¢ during the last weekend of the month.

Don’t forget to follow their cute and curated Instagram for some style-inspo and to stay up on the latest items to hit the racks.

Location: Downtown

4. The Red Door Vintage

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (4)

About The Red Door Vintage El Paso Thrift Shop

Are you ready to be transported to another world filled with creepy vintage delights?

Then step through The Red Door Vintage into its unique collection of macabre delights catering to goth, punk, and witchy communities since 2012. Red Door boasts of having “something for every baddie, from the cradle to the grave.” You’ll find just that—an assortment of vintage apparel, masks, jewelry, bags, makeup, VHS tapes, home decor, and art. Their selection changes daily, but you can be sure the finds are always interesting, like spike studded denim vests to appeal to any punk hearts out there.

Red Door Vintage also caters to its community through events and shows, like World Goth Day. Overall, it’s a perfect shop if you’re seeking alternative fashion and a like-minded community.

Location: Sunland Park North

5. One Size Fits All Vintage

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (5)

About One Size Fits All Vintage Thrift Stores In El Paso, Texas

Vintage sustainable streetwear, a clean atmosphere, affordable prices, and friendly staff—need we say more?

One Size Fits All Vintage features a curated selection of colorful finds, ranging from high-quality denim to vintage Taylor Swift tour merch. You’ll also find staples, like retro t-shirts, crewnecks, bombers, hats, vinyls, and accessories—with new drops every Friday.

The staff at One Size Fits All Vintage are passionate about fashion history and are always ready to help customers find the perfect piece.

No wonder OSFA has become a community pillar in the past year, hosting a night market with over fifteen vendors, as well as food, drinks, and games.

Location: El Centro

6. Prêt-A-Porter Fashions

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (6)

About Prêt-A-Porter Fashions

Prêt-A-Porter Fashions is beloved by the community of Chuco Town for its exquisite collection of ready-to-wear apparel that’s unique enough to also appeal to those seeking festival wear and costumes—luckily they’re appropriately located in Festival Hills!

Inside, you’ll find a range of high-end garments from renowned designers, like goth-esque ruffled floor length gowns, corset integrated blazers, tailored suits, and more.

The owner, Anna, is known for curating a seamless collection of fashion-forward pieces and kindness. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, welcoming, and ready to lend a hand so you can find the perfect fit.

Location: Festival Hills

7. Chumel’s Thrift & More

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (7)

About Chumel’s Thrift Store, El Paso

If you’re looking for history-rich antiques in this historical city, look no further than Chumel’s Thrift & More.

This boutique is fitted to the brim with antique finds, like home decor, furniture, paintings, apparel, shoes, and collectibles. Whether you’re looking for an antique 1960s FM radio or a new pair of shoes from this decade, you’ll likely find it here.

Chumel’s is a store you can get lost in, but don’t worry; the friendly staff is always ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Location: Five Points East

8. The Vault Vintage Outlet

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (8)

About The Vault Vintage Outlet El Paso, TX Thrift Stores

The Vault Vintage Outlet is perfect if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with vintage apparel without making your wallet cry.

When you step inside, you’ll notice a spotless show floor with great lighting, flaunting unique apparel—like colorblock sherpa fleece lined jackets, a vintage Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ tee, or floral gowns for that wedding you just got an invite to.

The Vault has frequent deals and discounts, depending on the season. Plus, their pricing is affordable and separated by tag color, ranging from $6–$40 per item. Frequent shoppers can get extra benefits through a VIP program, receiving $5.99 off your purchase for every 100 points earned.

Location: Eucalyptus

9. Uptown Cheapskate

9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (9)

About Uptown Cheapskate Thrift Shops, El Paso, TX

Uptown Cheapskate is an essential thrift shop in Sun City. With three locations, the small shop provides the fashion-forward community with everything from everyday on-trend items to sustainable luxury brands—all at affordable prices.

Each store follows a similar layout with a clean, organized atmosphere. You’ll notice a curated lineup of second hand garments, footwear, and accessories. UC carries pieces ranging from designer Louis Vuitton clutches to more casual everyday styles, like western-style jeans and country music concert tees to match.

One of Uptown Cheapskates’ appeals is that it works on a buy, sell, trade model. Customers can take their gently used pieces and trade them for cash or in-store credit.

Location: Milagro Hills (North) | Travis White (East) | Kern Place

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9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up (2024)


9 El Paso Thrift Stores You Won’t Want To Paso Up? ›

But despite the positive environmental implications, there is a dark side to thrift shopping that's not very often talked about. The low prices and the thrill of finding unique items can lead to a culture of overconsumption, where individuals purchase items they don't necessarily need.

What is the down side to thrifting? ›

But despite the positive environmental implications, there is a dark side to thrift shopping that's not very often talked about. The low prices and the thrill of finding unique items can lead to a culture of overconsumption, where individuals purchase items they don't necessarily need.

Why are people against thrifting? ›

The popularity of thrifting is negatively impacting low-income folks who depend on thrifting to put clothes on their backs. Great deals and being sustainable by thrifting can lead to overconsumption. Buying from secondhand stores causes the need to wash more clothes.

Why are thrift stores so expensive now? ›

The popularity of thrifting has created an inflation in the prices these thrift companies can get away with. The modern generation is also quick to blame TikTok and reselling apps for the rise of thrift prices. And, while not the main contributor, these apps have proved to be a threat to thrift stores.

How to bargain at thrift store? ›

Thrift store prices are low, but that doesn't mean they can't go lower. If you think something is priced too high for what is, ask if they're willing to take less for it. Just be polite in doing so and don't be discouraged if they're not open to bargaining.

What is the dark side of thrifting? ›

The overconsumption of thrifted apparel leads to a fast turnover rate in which people donate clothes at a similar rate to buying new ones. This leads to more carbon emissions from landfills or transportation when these items are sold to other countries.

What is the dark side of donating clothes? ›

In reality, a large portion of donated clothes typically aren't suitable for someone else to wear because they are in poor condition. Those unwanted clothes can then become a problem if they get shipped overseas or worse, incinerated or landfilled.

What is the controversy with thrifting? ›

However, the increase in thrift shopping has been accompanied by many criticisms of the practice. One of the primary criticisms is that younger and more affluent people thrift shopping gentrifies this way of shopping and pushes lower-income people who rely on thrift shopping out of the market.

Why does thrift store shopping keep getting worse? ›

But traditional thrift stores are seeing a decline in quality items, retail experts said. The explosive growth of the resale market and the rise of fast fashion are partly to blame.

Why is thrifting so addictive? ›

Many of us shop because we love a bargain. There's less sticker shock and it's easier on our budget. It's where we can find vintage items.

Do rich people buy from thrift stores? ›

Wealthier people have begun to frequent thrift stores, shopping for the same items as low-income people who were the original customers of the secondhand shops. In addition to wearing the clothes themselves, many thrifters in recent years have also started reselling the clothing on websites like Depop at a higher rate.

Is thrifting becoming gentrified? ›

Now low-income shoppers lament that the prices at these outlets are getting too steep for their budgets. The Berkeley Economic Review explored this possibility way back in 2019; in 2021, Vox described the trend as the “gentrification” of thrift stores. There's a secondhand and vintage learning curve.

What sells the most in thrift stores? ›

Clothing. Clothing is an item that sells best in thrift stores. Accounting for 31.8 percent of industry revenue, clothing is the largest revenue generator in the Thrift Stores industry, according to IBISWorld. Instead of paying higher retail prices, many people are switching to thrift stores for their clothing needs.

Why do thrift stores not have dressing rooms? ›

Why are fitting rooms closed? Keeping fitting rooms open, and maintained, requires additional staffing and expenses that we are not equipped to manage.

Is flipping thrift store items worth it? ›

It's not uncommon to find thrift store flippers making close to $100k every year from thrift store flipping. It, however, still depends on how much you put in. If you're willing to put in enough time to learn about flipping and carefully research the items to sell, you can make a comfortable living.

What are the disadvantages of second hand clothes? ›

Disadvantages of second-hand shopping

With the advantages also comes the disadvantages to second hand shopping. These include broken or poor quality items, sizing issues and that second hand shopping can take extra time.

Is thrifting actually good? ›

Thrifting benefits not only the environment but also consumers. Here are ways you can benefit by participating in thrifting. Save money: You can save money by purchasing secondhand clothing. Thrift stores often have much lower prices than buying new items.

Is thrifting a good way to save money? ›

Thrift store shoppers save an average of nearly $150 per month, amounting to approximately $1,760 annually. These savings can add up substantially over time, allowing you to allocate your funds for other essential expenses or savings goals.

Is the thrift flipping trend problematic? ›

Shops once looked down upon have become a “trendy” option for many, largely due to social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. However, with this popularity has come some problems, including overconsumption and a reduction in affordable options for those who need them.

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