The 11 Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (2024)

The 11 Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (1)

You know that feeling you get when you uncover an amazing thrift store find?

That’s what we’re looking for today!

Because sometimes, finding a great thrift store can be just as much of a thrill as finding the stuff inside it!

(Rest assured though, all of the places on today’s list have plenty of gems buried inside, too!)

Whether you’re looking for cool retro finds, amazing vintage clothing, or cheap DIY home supplies, here are my picks for the 11 best thrift stores in San Antonio.


  • Map of the Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio
  • Thrift City
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Revolution Thrift
  • Boysville Thrift Store
  • Thrift Town
  • Habitat Home Center
  • Montage
  • Second Chances Thrift Shop
  • Green Door Thrift Shop
  • Clothes Mentor
  • Goodwill

Map of the Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio

Thrift City

Thrift City is one of my favorite thrift shops in San Antonio. Their goods are organized more neatly than other thrift stores, so if you need to find a particular shirt in a certain size, you’ll find it easily at Thrift City. I’m in love with their loyalty program, TC Rewards, which you can use to score sweet discounts. I’ve been able to shave $5 – $10 off my total using my rewards points, so it definitely adds up if you shop at Thrift City regularly.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is definitely one of the trendier thrift stores I frequent. It’s smaller than other thrift stores in town, but the selection of up-to-date and designer brands definitely makes Buffalo Exchange a must for thrifters. Their focus is mainly on hip clothes for the younger crowd, so if you’re trying to dress a teen on a budget, this is the place to go.

Revolution Thrift

Plenty of thrift shops have a non-profit mission, but Revolution Thrift donates 100% of its profits back to the San Antonio community. If you want to give back while you shop, stop by Revolution Thrift for gently used clothing and household items. They have changing rooms so you can actually try on clothes before you buy them (unlike other thrift shops) and it’s definitely nicer than your run-of-the-mill Goodwill. Plus, their selection is huge! Revolution Thrift specializes in clothes, but you can also pick up kid’s toys, books, and furniture here.

Boysville Thrift Store

Boysville is one of the oldest thrift stores in San Antonio. They’ve been around since 1954 and donate 100% of their profits to a local children’s shelter. It definitely has a “musky, old thrift store” vibe, but I’ve found spectacular deals here on exercise equipment, furniture, and antiques. You’ll need a good eye, but Boysville has plenty of good deals if you know where to look. Whether you’re looking for a genuine Stetson, household knickknacks, or vintage baby strollers, Boysville has something for you.

Thrift Town

Thrift Town is one of the larger thrift shops in San Antonio. It’s organized very well, with separate departments for shoes, clothes, housewares, and toys. I bought my first George Foreman grill here, actually, as well as a $5 pair of shoes for my first office job. The clothes at Thrift Town are reasonably trendy, although you can also find a collection of 1990s prom dresses at the front of the store for a laugh. Thrift Town tends to have more furniture than your normal thrift store, so give them a look if you need a nightstand, coffee table, or dresser.

  • Address: 2864 Thousand Oaks Drive, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Website: Thrift Town

Habitat Home Center

That’s right: Habitat for Humanity has several thrift shops in San Antonio. If you’re a new homeowner on a budget, check out Habitat’s thrift shops for doors, toilets, cabinets, light fixtures, and furnishings. You can also buy paint, tape, and other consumables here. Not everything is a good deal, though, so compare the Habitat Home Center’s prices against Lowe’s and Home Depot before you buy anything.

Keep in mind that Habitat Home Center is largely self-service. You’ll need to move, load, and transport anything you buy here, so bring a friend or three if you plan on purchasing large equipment or lumber.

  • Address 1: 311 Probandt Street, San Antonio, TX 78204
  • Address 1: 5482 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • Address 1: 8125 Meadow Leaf Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227
  • Website: Habitat Home Center


If you’re super into the retro aesthetic, check out Montage’s humble shop for clothing and accessories from another era. Its itty-bitty exterior and weathered metal roof definitely contribute to the retro vibe at Montage. They only sell clothing that’s 20 years old (or older), so if you’re on the hunt for old-timey clothing that doesn’t go out of style, give them a look. They definitely don’t charge thrift store prices for their wares, though, so be prepared to spend more than $0.50 on a t-shirt.

  • Address: 423 W Grayson, San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Website: Montage Style

Second Chances Thrift Shop

Second Chances’ cause is near and dear to my heart. This thrift shop is technically in Helotes, which is a 15-minute drive outside the San Antonio city limits. Helotes is a beautiful destination by itself, but if you’re in the area, support animal welfare by shopping at Second Chances. They sell books, antiques, clothes, and general household items. Because Second Chances is entirely run by volunteers, they’re only open Thursday through Saturday. Double-check their hours before you make the trip!

  • Address: 10671 Shaenfield Road, San Antonio, TX 78254
  • Website: Second Chances

Green Door Thrift Shop

The Green Door is an old thrift store: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church opened it in 1953. They’ve been in the same building since 1958 and still sell clothes and home goods to this day. The neat thing about this thrift shop is that it funds a grant program through the church that supports local non-profits and humanitarian initiatives. All of Green Door’s profits go to charity, which is a big bonus. They have funky hours, though, so you’re only able to shop Tuesday – Saturday from 10 am – 1 pm.

  • Address: 1030 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Website: The Green Door

Clothes Mentor

I know Clothes Mentor is a thrift store chain, but man, do I love it. When I was making next to nothing at my first office job, I was only able to look halfway decent because of Clothes Mentor. They sell trendy women’s clothing, jewelry, purses, and shoes at a much more affordable price than a department store. There are a few locations in San Antonio, but I’ve had the most success with their location in Stone Oak. I once scored a Tommy Bahama designer jacket for $10; what a steal!

  • Address 1: 21038 US-281 #100, San Antonio, TX 78258
  • Address 2: 21038 US-281 #100, San Antonio, TX 78258
  • Website: Clothes Mentor San Antonio


Yes, everybody knows about Goodwill, but I’m particularly obsessed with their location off of 410 near North Park Mall. This location seems to carry more furniture than any other Goodwill in my area; the prices are sometimes a little high, though, so shop around before you buy a coffee table here. But even so, Goodwill is still my go-to for clothes, home goods, and kitchen appliances.

The 11 Best Thrift Stores in San Antonio - Roaming Texas (2024)


What's the best day to go thrifting? ›

While there's no “perfect” day to shop second hand stores, many regulars swear by shopping early on Monday and Tuesday. Homeowners tend to drop off garage sale leftovers on Sunday nights, making for new finds. Plus, the weekends are more crowded shopping days, so employees look to restock early in the week.

What city in Texas is best for thrifting? ›

Houston is the #1 City in Texas for Thrifting. They are #1 for the most consignment stores and #1 for the most Habitat for Humanity ReStores and Goodwill stores. They also came in #1 for Texas for most Google search for thrifting.

How to bargain at thrift store? ›

Thrift store prices are low, but that doesn't mean they can't go lower. If you think something is priced too high for what is, ask if they're willing to take less for it. Just be polite in doing so and don't be discouraged if they're not open to bargaining.

How do you find rare and valuable items at thrift stores? ›

How Can You Spot Valuables in a Thrift Store?
  1. Check for Designer Labels or Tags. Valuable vintage items, like clothing, kitchenware or records, often come with a label indicating that it's valuable. ...
  2. Go for Unique Items. ...
  3. Check the Locked Display Case.
Jul 10, 2023

What is the cheapest day to go to Goodwill? ›

According to Goodwill, the perfect time slot to shop at thrift stores is in the morning on both Monday and Tuesday. This is because, at least as far as Goodwill is concerned, people tend to donate garage sale remnants on Sunday, so the pickings are new and fresh come early weekdays.

Why is thrifting so expensive now? ›

“Firstly, the cost of operations — including rent, utilities and wages — has increased over time. Secondly, the quality and brand of donated items can also influence pricing. High-end brands or items in excellent condition may be priced higher.

What sells the most in thrift stores? ›

Clothing. Clothing is an item that sells best in thrift stores. Accounting for 31.8 percent of industry revenue, clothing is the largest revenue generator in the Thrift Stores industry, according to IBISWorld. Instead of paying higher retail prices, many people are switching to thrift stores for their clothing needs.

How to save money at thrift store? ›

5 Thrift Shopping Tips for Saving Money and the Planet
  1. Always Check Thrift Stores First. Anytime you need something, make a note and try to find it used instead of new. ...
  2. Make a List. ...
  3. Don't Overbuy! ...
  4. Be Patient. ...
  5. Look Online. ...
  6. Secure Your FutureCard Visa and Save on Eco-Friendly Purchases.

How to thrift shop like a pro? ›

10 tips for thrifting
  1. Create a budget. ...
  2. Clear out your closet in between trips to the thrift store. ...
  3. Keep hygiene in mind when giving away or looking for clothes. ...
  4. Get inspiration to help you pick the best items for you. ...
  5. Know what each store specializes in selling. ...
  6. Thrift with a friend. ...
  7. Wear something comfortable.
Mar 16, 2023

What is the most valuable thing to look for in a thrift store? ›

Antony Charman, antique expert and founder of Vintage Cash Cow says, “There are specific types of items that will always be valuable, including rare coins, antique furniture, vintage toys and jewelry.

What is the most valuable item to collect? ›

What Are the Most Valuable Types of Collectibles?
  1. Vintage Comic Books. Comic books are one of the most popular collectibles because of how much they can appreciate in value over time. ...
  2. Baseball Cards. ...
  3. Vintage Bakeware. ...
  4. Rare Coins. ...
  5. Vintage Toys. ...
  6. Stamps. ...
  7. Vintage Magazines. ...
  8. Antique Furniture.
Aug 21, 2023

What are the best vintage items to sell? ›

Popular vintage items include jewelry, clothes, accessories, household items, pop culture memorabilia, postcards, photos, vinyl records, cassette and VHS tapes, books, lamps, gadgets of 80s and 90s, toys.

What are the best times of the year to go thrifting? ›

Warm weather, spring cleaning, and garage sales all have a positive effect on thrift store hauls, according to Bowker. 'Tis the season for people to declutter and purge items they no longer need, resulting in larger donation piles.

What is the best day for shopping? ›

Wednesday is the best day of the week to go grocery shopping because stores are usually less crowded mid-week. For the freshest items, time your shop for store opening or closing.

Is thrifting better than buying new clothes? ›

Thrifting benefits not only the environment but also consumers. Here are ways you can benefit by participating in thrifting. Save money: You can save money by purchasing secondhand clothing. Thrift stores often have much lower prices than buying new items.

Is thrifting a good way to save money? ›

Thrift store shoppers save an average of nearly $150 per month, amounting to approximately $1,760 annually. These savings can add up substantially over time, allowing you to allocate your funds for other essential expenses or savings goals.

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